Bavarian Main Force arrives

Another major contingent of my 1809 force is nearing completion.  This is the Baccus "Bavarian Line Foot Booster pack" 12 regiments of line infantry which should meet all of my needs at this scale.  Combined with the Adler Light Infantry and Cavalry I have these will complete Lefebvre's VII (Bavarian) Corps.  (Unless I decided I need 1 stand per battalion...)

I did a total of five regiments with Red facings, Three with Yellow Facings (1 w/ Red Collars), 2 with Rose and 2 with Black:

I primered these in Black as the Headgear and boots are black, but the overall effect is darker than I wanted.  I need to find a way to brighten them up a little bit to increase the contrast.  I still have the generals, cavalry and Cannons themselves to complete (crew are done), but the Brigade is nearly there.


  1. You, sir, are really cranking out the figures.
    Well done!

  2. I like these. Another part of the puzzle in place and something that makes 6mm so good.


  3. Ausgezeichnet! 12 regiments!

    (? "Kornblumen blau" for the edges of the stands, maybe? )

    I think you need roster(s) of your painted troops on your blog :-)

    1. My failure to complete command stands in a timely manner often precludes me from declaring anything "done." That said Davout and Lefebvre just finished the application phase and are awaiting suitable bases.

      I am doing the base edges in a pale blue to make them easier to pick out.

  4. Nice work - they definitely look like who they're supposed to be. Best, Dean


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