Bavarian Cavalry

Bavarian VII Corps  1st Division Complete

These are the Adler 6mm Bavarian Chevaux Legers figures.  Nice, neat sculpts.  The standard poles and swords are all very slim and prone to breakage however.

I did one stand as the 1st Dragoons and the other as the 2nd Kron Prinz Chevaux Legers.  I did two stands for smaller scale games where 1 infantry stand = 1 BN and 1 Cavalry Stand = 2 Squadrons.  I have three more stands of Chevaux Legers on the paint stand that will round out the other two divisions with 1 lt Infantry Stand, 4 Infantry Stands, 2 Cavalry stands and 2 Artillery each.

Kronprinz Regiment

The last major update for awhile as all the painted minis are now based.  Up next will most likely be the remaining Bavarian Cavalry and then some Adler Austrian Curassier I have been dawdling over.


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