Starship Combat for Kids- Part II The Cards

Maneuvering in close

not good....

For the cards I did a rough approximation of all of the cards used in Battle Cattle-The Card Game.  Cards are divided between attack, defense, movement and special cards.  The attack cards are BOOM (6pts), ZAP (4pts) and PEW! (3pts)  (If the sound effect is not used, the attack fails)  Each card targets a specific side, and your ship must have line of fire to the target to see that side.  Shield cards can be played to negate a hit to the side indicated.
An attack card is played

And then countered....

The special effect cards seem self-explanatory.   Each player starts with 5 cards and can play 1 card on his turn.  The opposing player can play defensive cards in response to attacks.  At the end of your turn draw a new card.  You may never have more than 5 cards.  (Otherwise you stockpile Shield cards, and the younger play may never actually decide to move)
Play begins with proxy ships on a hex board)

The first couple of turns do no go well for the Enterprise
An attempt is made to protect the damaged starboard side, it is countered through vigorous maneuver. 
The Klingon player weighs his options
and things just got worse......

This is the initial card deck.  As you can see from the pics they are written on 3x5 cards.

Card                 #    Effect
Shields- Front 4    Negates Hit -Play Immediately
Shields - Back 3      Negates Hit -Play Immediately
Shields -Left 3    Negates Hit -Play Immediately
Shields - Right 2      Negates Hit -Play Immediately
Move 6    Move your ship that many hexes
6pts -Front 2
6pts - Back 2
6pts - Right 2
6pts - Left 2
4pts -Front 2
4pts - Back 1
4pts - Right 2
4pts - Left 2
3pts -Front 2
3pts - Back 1
3pts - Right 2
3pts - Left 2
Weapons Off-line 1       Cannot fire, discard hand to repair
Shields Down 1    Cannot use shield cards, discard hand to repair
Flank Speed 2      Move twice
Repair Crews 2       Remove 
Aimed Shot 2    6 points to any one location you can target
Evasive Maneuvers 3    Shift 1 hex L/R to avoid fire
Target Engines! 2      4 pts of engine damage
Asteroid! 1    Used against evasive manuevers, 4pts engine damge
Total 54


  1. Interesting - probably just the right amount of complexity... for now!


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