My first attempt at Italian infantry is now complete.  These figures are all Adler French Infantry I got as part of a trade a couple of years ago.  I must say that although I love Adler's Cavalry and command figs, Bacchus is still my go to for infantry. Basing these individually has been maddening.  I have tried a few different techniques to represent assault columns.  The primary limiting factor has been organizing the command figures.  The strip comes with five figs: 1 commander, 2 color sergeants w/halberds, 1 drummer and a standard bearer.

The paint schemes are a mix of those posted on Blunders on the Danube a few weeks back as well as from a French language website I have lost the link to.  At this scale it is hard to represent the fine details, so the have variations primarily on the vests and turnbacks.  Basically, mixtures of white green and red.

Full column

Skirmishers forward with grenadiers spread out

Grenadiers in more tightly
 The third option is the most likely one I will stick with.  Although there are three more regiments painted and waiting for bases.  For the first light infantry stand I went with deep green jackets and trousers.  The piping and waist coats are all in yellow following the pattern on the 2nd Lt Infantry as Peter described the on his website

I did these before I saw Jon's suggestion on basing two forward and one back for the lights, so that will have to wait for the Dalmatians or the next Bavarians.

That is one division down and one more to go.  Then I just need artillery, some cavalry, commanders and probably some Guard formations......


  1. Amazing work; hard to believe the scale. Best, Dean

  2. Looking good!

    Now I'll have to get around to blog posts om the Cavalry, Artillery and Guard, too!


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  4. So little and so nice! Great work...


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