Bavarian Green Guys

While not as prolific as last month, I have managed to actually get some painting done this month.  First up are my test figures for my Bavarian Corps for the 1809 project.  I ordered Cavalry and Light infantry from Adler and the basic Infantry from Baccus.  While I like the level of detail on Adler, the rifles and standards are thinner and more fragile.  The basing system works great for Skirmishers, but I am still struggling with getting the right pattern for my line units.  (See my upcoming Italians for that adventure...)

I actually painted 24 figs for each stand, but I couldn't find a pattern that worked.  The remainder will invariably be used to create a third stand some day.  These are painted to reflect the 1st and 5th Battalions.  The standards are generic Bavarian standards from, used for rapid identification.  I have made some headway with the 12 stands of Light Infantry and 6 stands of Cavalry, but I don't anticipate having them complete until well after the Easter holiday.

On the other front, I was shocked that both Guy and Jasper responded so quickly to my last post.  It bodes well for a favorable outcome. Not to mention the daunting feeling of realizing that more of a handful of people actually reads these posts....


  1. These look real nice, I just received £80 of Adler Prussians, I think I will be a bit on the busy side , not that you don't know what that feels like


    1. Indeed, I just finished 7 stands worth of Italian Line infantry (I used Adler French). The basing takes 3-4 times the effort to trim down tabs and then affix the pieces.

  2. A nice start to your Bayernlisches!

  3. For basing your lights using 24 figures, what about considering two ranks of 8 near the back edge with the remaining 8 staggered in pairs near the front? That formation could depict the skirmishers being supported by their parent light battalion. As happened, the parent would act as a reserve and feed additional skirmishers into the skirmish screen as either the skirmishers took casualties or were needed to counter their opponent's skirmish build up.

    If eight figures won't fit across your stand then place two ranks of six. I think it might look good.


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