Kaiserlich-en Good Part II

Next up for the month was my 6mm Austrian Cavalry.  I had enough Baccus Uhlans and Hussars left over for three additional stands each.  I based all of the Uhlans on the new base size to see how they looked.  I did one for each regiment which now gives me two stands for each, and probably exceeds the total I will ever use.  Not that it will affect my painting/collecting habits.  For the Hussars I chose the uniforms of the 5th, 8th and 9th regiments which gives me examples of the 1st-9th to choose from for games.

While looking at the massive pile of 6mm Austrians Infantry in Helmets that I have been working on(29 of 40 Regiments now complete),  I decided to go ahead and try some different basing techniques.  When finished these will give me 65 Basic Infantry stands which exceeds the number I will really need once I finish adding Grenzer, Landwehr and others.  Looking over the rules for Command and Colors Napoleonics I thought it might be fun to have a few "Square" markers to lay out.  The results are below:

Each stand has 38 figures with the commander and standard bearer in the  center.  They are 7 wide by 6 deep, with 5x4 on the inner row.  Tried them with only a single rank square, but they didn't look dense enough.  Another stand that is less Utility and more art, but I like them nonetheless.

UPDATE:  In response to Jon's question.  Here is how I currently base my heavy cavalry.  I found keeping a tight line for the heavies and dragoons make them easier to differentiate.  I even tried doing a tight checkerboard with the Dragoons to make them easier to pick out from the Curassier.  Part of the challenge of dealing with the tiny scale.


  1. Square markers look great despite your reservation in painting 38 figures for a lowly marker. Besides, Utils is a personal assessment. Having not painted them, I would derive great satisfaction from seeing these scattered about the table.

    One question: why mount a 'square' on a hex base? Your other troops are mounted on rectangles.

    Ok, one more question: your light cavalry are mounted in a very loose formation, are you planning to mount the dragoons and cuirassiers in a more 'knee-to'knee' formation?

    Great work and looking forward to seeing these on the table.

    1. I chose the hex base primarily because they gave me the right footprint for what I wanted. Also, I didn't have any 60mm squares on hand, but I did have the Hex bases. (The 55x35 were to tight for the double ranks)

      For the cavalry, yes I mount the lights in a loose formation and then use a tight formation for the others. This makes it easier to pick out the type from a distance.

    2. I added a picture of some French Cavalry to illustrate. I may change the pattern when/if I switch them to the narrower bases.

  2. This sd a huge army! I do love my own Kaiserlicks - second only to my French.

    I forgot to comment on the first post re: the deliciously bad play on words in the series title. Bravo! :-)



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