Kaiserlich-en Good Part I

"Wo sind wir?"
"Ich weiss es nicht, mein Herr"

I have achieved my 1000 6mm figure goal with a few days to spare, and now enter the arduous phase of basing and flocking.  My original goal was to paint all of my unpainted 6mm Austrians, but that has proved to great a task, I have however put a massive dent into the pile.  First up are my Adler and Baccus Austrian Generals and Aide-de-camp.  I had both the Adler packs and the Baccus leader pack, and I've got to say the difference is striking.  The Adler minis are more crisp and defined.  I have not seen the new Baccus sculpts, but the old ones looked good, until I painted the first Adler....

For basing I opted to do 1 Army commander on a 35mmx55mm base and then the Corps and Division commanders on 1" rounds.  Here is the Archduke Charles with an escort of lancers.

For the leader stands I did 3 figs each for the Corps Commanders and 2 for the Division commanders.  I do not intend of ever modeling Army through Brigade in a single battle, so I can always downgrade each stand one step for a Corps level battle.  I seem to remember something for Command and Staff about leaders maneuver elements two steps down for planning.  (i.e. Battalion Commanders think about placing platoons while Brigade Commanders think about placing companies.)  I have enough to field 5 Corps with 3 divisions each which should exceed anything I will probably every actually attempt.  I re-based my earlier figs and changed the plumes to Green as Peter pointed out they were the wrong color.

Corps Commanders
Corps Close Up.
Division Commanders

Family Photo

All told I had about 60 mounted command painted up, so I tried a few of them to fill in the empty space in my 3-rank 60x30mm bases.

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I like the look of them, and am still on the fence about switching over wholesale to 55mmx35mm bases.  Fortunately, I so rarely play with Napoleonics (beyond Solo games), that I should have plenty of time to change my mind as the project progresses.


  1. They are all looking good. My original Austrian commanders had white or black-over-yellow plumes; it wasn't until years later that I found out they had green plumes... why green? - I haven't a clue, LOL! Not sure I have ever gone back and "corrected" them all myself!

    1. I had actually forgotten about it until I was painting this most recent set. I reached for the yellow paint and went "wait, Gonsalvo mentioned this on my blog, use the Green!"

  2. These look great and have to agree with you comments about Adler V Baccus command. However it's not totally fair comparison given the size difference as a mm or two is a big deal.


    1. I've followed your comparisons on your blog, and I agree. It's just that the tiny increase in scale resulted in an exponential growth in detail. I've opted to switch to Adler for my Imperial Guard units as well as some of my cavalry for just this reason

  3. How do you produce so much? I've painted 6mm WWII, so know it can be fast. However, this is fast.


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