Blunders on the Danube

I got a present to myself in the mail last Friday, and have finally finished reading it.  I am an avid follower of Peter's blog Blunder's on the Danube, and have been meaning to pick up his scenario book since its release. The 1809 campaign has become my favorite period in the Napoleonic era, and I really wanted to see his take on the major battles as well as get the Orders of Battle for these engagements.

The book itself is staple bound, and primarily in black and white with color maps and photo's from his games/collections.  The OOBs are for Field of Battle, but can be adapted to any BN-BDE level ruleset.  I have been ruminating on switching to Command and Colors Napoleonic, and as the Austrian expansion does not exist yet, this provides a great resource to build my own.

Example shows Pic, Map and OOB layout.  

There are 23 scenarios in the book and you can get a much better overview from Peter's page .  It's a useful resource, and came at the perfect time for me as I am finally tackling the remainder of my 6mm Austrians and  a Bavarian contingent.  I have a much easier time getting projects done, when I have OOB's to work around and these are great.  With postage I got the book from Piquet, Inc for $41.  It might seem steep, but the resource is a good one, and, quite frankly, I have used his website as a painting and organization source for so long, that I consider it a bargain overall.  (Also of note, the actual cost charged for postage is about $2.50 less than the cost listed in your cart before you complete the purchase.)


  1. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you get much use out of it! Although designed for FoB, I tried to make it as useful as possible for other rules sets. Hopefully the large number of scenarios and the wide variety of them in terms of size and situation make it a good value.

    The Wagram scenario, even if using the three sequential sub-scenarios, would be especially cool in 6mm!

    1. Good point. I did fail to mention that vast difference in engagement sizes for the scenarios you listed. I plan on starting with the small ones and building my way up. Now if you could only add some Italian painting guides to your blog....:-)

    2. Italians, eh? Yeah, I got them. :-)

      They are all Minifigs, but have seen much use. I was going to start ion the Danes, but Maybe it will be Eugene's boys who will be next up, then!


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