A smattering of moderns

I am batting clean up this month.  My goal is to complete at least 1000 mostly 6mm figures from partially completed projects.  While the lion's share will be 1809 era Austrians, there are an eclectic mix awaiting completion.  Here are some moderns to round out various Brigade projects for Modern Spearhead

First Up GHQ's British Challenger II.  Simply put, this is an outstanding sculpt

And the line platoons for two USMC Infantry Battalions including some light armor support

for the Soviets I did some supporting elements

CinC SA-8 reload vehicles

H&R? Fuelers

H&R? AT Guns and prime movers (center is GHQ)

ISM BTR80s and a pair of GHQ BRDM-1s

Next up... Spacecraft....


  1. 1000 in a month. that is insane!

    Those Challengers do look great


  2. Thanks, and yeah, it's good to have goals....


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