Norman Mail-wear-er

Another 2013 goal checked off, I have painted all of my 6mm Norman figures.  My intent with these is to use them for both the 1st Crusade and possibly some Sicilian scenarios.  I admit that the greatest challenge with these was doing the shields.  I probably put more effort than is really warranted for the scale, but it seemed necessary at the time.

The first set of shields left me spent, so for the second unit I bunted and went with the "Hollywood Crusader" motif

They don't look to bad from afar, and I finally go the rhythm of the shields after the first 50-60....

The command packs also provide a nice diversity of models:

Army General Stands

Barons and Knights

Two lonely crusaders

After doing these I still have 5 commanders left over and some mounted knights, but I will hold those until I opt to pursue the Crusader project further.

The only remaining issue is rebasing my Norman Archers

These were the first figs I did, and I hadn't decided on a desert-scrub basing scheme yet.  They look slightly out of place with the army as a whole

Overall, these are excellently sculpted minis rank near, but below, the Samurai in my list of Baccus 6mm Ranges.


  1. Nicely done Dart! I don't know how you did it. I wore down with shields in 15mm and it was a whole lot less than what you have here.

    Now go kick some butt on the tabletop!

  2. I think you'll be proud of those Normans for a long time to come - the varied shields look great!

  3. 6mm! They look amazing in the photos - man, I have a hard enough time making out details in 28mm. Best, Dean

  4. These look great. I have a Anglo Saxon Baccus pack but looks like they don't do them anymore


    1. Ignore the comment about not doing them I am a plank ;-)

  5. Great figures. Are you planning to field this force for a Commands and Colors adaptation?

    1. That or Warmaster Ancients. I have the arab light cavalry figs done from the Sassanid range, and I am awaiting the release of the Arab side for Baccus' upcoming Crusader range


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