What A Cowboy!

Texas Jack and Turkey Creek
Too Fat Lardies release of "What a Cowboy!" inspired me to give the era a try last Spring. I picked up a couple of packs and individual figures from Knuckleduster Miniatures to make a small skirmish band.  Knuckleduster's Gunfighter's Ball collection includes models inspired by both history and fiction.  Their Earp and Cowboy Factions seem dead ringers to the cast of Tombstone, which is fine for me as it is still one of my favorite westerns.  

A tribute to Powers Boothe as Curly Bill, with Tom and Frank McClaury

For personality figures I opted to grab two different versions of The Duke, star of all the Westerns I grew up watching, and one interesting "Ace Kilkenny"

"Honest John" and "The Duck"

I am not sure who this is supposed to be, but I suspect the Ace in question is a Spade.  It would also seem to be the only card he needs. 

Kind of a small aside of a project, but a welcome distraction.  I still have the main players of the Earp gang and the Balance of the Cowboys left to finish.  Thanks for looking. 


  1. This is an unexpected path. Did you and I ever play Old West gunfights using “Rules With No Name?”

    1. No, I just spent a year listening to "TheOddCast" and was intrigued by the rule mechanics discussed. I find it to be an interesting quick play game with a thoughtful mechanic.


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