Populating the Zone

Some add-ons to the other side of my Zona Alfa project from the last few months.  This includes some tactical soldiers in Hazmat suits from Hasslefree miniatures. For these I opted for the industrial standard Yellow Tyvek suits with thick Orange Gloves and Overshoes.  I paired that with black tactical gear to give them more of a government or law enforcement feel.  They will work well as a scientist based groups rather than the normal tactical rascals I paint.

On the "rad-zombie" front I have a mix of "Ghouls" for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, "Irradiated" from Brother Vinni and "Infected" from Pig Iron Miniatures. I put these all on scenic bases to help them blend in with the Fallout figures, and to provide some unifying features to help them all fit in together.  I tried a mix of appropriate skin tones and clothing colors to get the right ragged feel for the group. 

Brother Vinni's "Irradiated"

Fallout "Ghouls"

Pig Iron Miniatures "Infected"

Lastly I picked up some "reapers" from a fantasy game set to act as mutants.  These are suitably bio-terror looking figures with lots of pointy bits and a vaguely Cthulu-esque vibe.  There are two large figures and eight smaller ones in each pack, so I opted to paint the larger ones with Ivory spikes and put them on larger bases to reflect the more dangerous levels of mutants lurking within the zone. 

I know, not historical, but at least I am getting the "to be painted" pile somewhat whittled down.  That said, I admit that I finally received my long awaited Battletech Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, so there will be a stupidly large number of stompy robots hitting the blog at some point.  I used the opportunity to purchase a new double-action air brush, and I am already enjoying the challenge of learning to use it correctly.  More to follow, I am sure...


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