Ice Cold MOUT


Separatist SPG-9 manages to silence an unwary BMP-2, but the T-72s attention has been drawn.. 

I guess I am moving to monthly updates?  

Some progress to display on the hobby front for the last month of December.  I have been focusing on my World War III to Post Soviet Collapse collection for the most part.  I quite enjoyed painting the new Eureka Afghanistan line Soviet Support Weapons last month, so I decided to pick up a couple squads of the Motorized infantry models as well. 

These figures are equipped with KLM style camouflage suits, AKMs with collapsible stocks, body armor and webbing.  They have fairly crisp detail, although there tends to be a lot of flash between the body and the weapons held at the ready.  Mold lines varied from nothing at all to some very pronounced ridges.  Overall, though very nice figures.  I painted up the first set squad as standard VDV Paratroopers to match the uniforms on the support weapon troopers (as well as the general feel of a lot of the other figures I have done for the set.)  

The paints are a mixture of VJ, Army Painter and GW contrast paints acting as inks. While painting the first squad, I felt compelled to do a few in White to reflect snow suits ala Ice Station Zebra or the Spetsnaz from Red Dawn. To do them correctly, I suppose the snow suits should go over their webbing, but I don't have those models.  Thus I did these instead:

These guys were done similarly to the first squad with the exception of black gloves, white smocks, and some snow flock for the bases.  I really like how they turned out, and they fit in well with the second part of the project:  Ruined building terrain.

I opted to take advantage of all the late November "Black Friday" hobby sales to get some ruined buildings from 4Ground terrain.  4Ground is currently my favorite manufacturer for MDF terrain, as they have the best detail and coloration in the market so far.  I find they look good 'out of the box' and the assembly process is significantly more robust than the other models I have.  
I opted for the 20-pack stackable ruins and one of the their Stalingrad Apartment 2 packs. The stackable ruins pack is nice because they all nest together for storage. The Apartment pack allows you to set them out as separate structures or combine them all to create a more complex central building.  

I also picked up the Grudinin Mill chimney set to add a vertical element to the setting.  
I also picked up some additional vehicles from "Themythicforge" over on Etsy.  The owner sells a wide variety of 3D printed WWII German and Russian vehicles as well as some Cold War era Soviets for a flat fee of $15 each including shipping.  I just finished the two Mercedes trucks shown here, and am currently working on a T-55 to round out the collection.  

In addition to games of Zona Alfa with Mason, I am play testing some D20 skirmish rules based off the old Battleground WWII system.  

The urban environment make for some rather tense game moments, and fits well with solo gaming.  

SPG-9 from the other side.

Snow troops advance into the face of an HMG...

for comparison, the old foamcore ruins I have been using for the last 20 years. 

My erstwhile opponent plotting my demise. 
STALKERs advance down the street into the waiting teeth of my carefully planned trap.

Well, Merry Christmas to many and Good Tidings to all.  Perhaps I will even manage to slip another update in before this year comes to a close. 


  1. Jake, your latest figures look super and your ruins fab. You have really accumulated a lot of great looking urban terrain to fight over. Battleground WWII? Have I played that with you? This urban rubble would be perfect for Chain of Command as well. One day, we will return to F2F gaming...

    Merry Christmas!

    1. You have played BG:WWII but it was about 20+ years ago. I used it for the Bosnia scenario you played in during the final Game Faire in Spokane as well as a British 8th army vs. Italy scenario. I am looking forward to breaking out my WWII collection with the terrain as well. Perhaps a redux of the "St. Lo down dirty shame" scenario I ran at Enfilade back in 2000?

  2. I do like the winter bases ! Very nice hope you have a resting/enjoyable festive period , see you on the other side in 2021

    1. Thanks, looks like we both made it! I opted to do all of this in winter just to have something unique to game on. Also, I won't rule out doing some figures for the 10th Armored Div to celebrate the unsung heroes of Bastogne.

  3. Merry Christmas, Jake. The urban terrain and snow bases looks great, and good to see a shot of 'the opposition"!

    1. Happy New Year to you Peter. Yes, the opposition has kept me somewhat sane this year. If for no other reason to reduce both our respective isolations.

    2. Now that has to be a first - a teenage child helping to keep you sane instead of driving you insane! :-)
      I think that suggests you're both doing a good job!
      (And I understand about having an extra household member(s) to reduce isolation!)


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