Skyrim for the Nords!

 Here are the rest of the figures currently available for Elder Scrolls: Cal to Arms.  As mentioned last time, I picked up the plastic sets which in this case are five figures on two sprues.  The resin models have the advantage of fewer pieces and resin cast terrain bases.  If you are planning on paying full retail for this, I suppose it is worth the extra 5 UKP to get the resin piece.  The plastics are well detailed, quality castings.  They just have an inordinate number of extra pieces.  Most models have at least 8 separate pieces and they seem to be inconsistent in terms of connections.  (some are hole and peg, others are just flat surfaces).  This would make more sense if you could at least change their poses.  

<RANT> This gets to the heart of the fundamental issue with all of the Modiphius figures I have painted so far:  Why are these models not designed for customization?  There are no extra pieces on the sprues, no variation in poses, and weapon swaps are not very easy.  These models (and those for Fallout; Wasteland Warfare) are made for a skirmish game with only 2-8 models on a side.  The rules allow for different types of armor and weapons as the game progresses.  If I want to model units to their actual equipment, I have to go through other companies.  I can get similar quality castings with lots of weapon, head and arm variants for significantly less money elsewhere. I am sure the biggest part of the cost on these models is the licensing, but maybe aligning the castings to the nature of the game would make it a little more value-added.  </RANT>

That done, here are the models.  First up it's everyone's favorite Nordic separatists, the Stormcloaks.  The set comes with three foot-soldiers and two heroes.  The Stormcloak soldiers are all armed with Greatswords, so little variation.  The heroes are both from the Video game.  Ralof is the ranged combat model with his bow.  "YRSARALD Thrice Pierced" (no idea how to pronounce that, but my spell check wants to change it to "Adversarial" so it seems appropriate) is the berserker with the axe.  I like the poses and the detail picks up paint well.  I did them all in blues with a redder leather tone to help set them off from their primary opposition.  The Imperials. 

The Imperial faction, representing the protectors of humanity/oppressors of the Nords.  They have the same general configuration as the Stormcloaks with three foot soldiers and two champions.  In this case the soldiers are armed with swords and shields, as is HADVAR with his heavier armor and shield.  The ranged combat option is a mage type, with the ability to shoot fireballs or ice bolts depending on your card selections.  

In this case I went with brown-tones for the leather and reds for the fabrics.  The flame effects on the mage are not the best, but I am at least improving.  

So here is a complete collection of the miniatures available so far (less the 15UKP "Dragonborn Triumphant", I've substituted with my 5 euro brother-vinni proxy.  

I will eventually get around to a rules review for the game, as I actually quite like the overall mechanics. It is an enjoyable, card driven game with an interesting dice mechanic.  The AI mechanic makes for a good collaborative/solo experience, and the incorporating the AI into competitive games results in some interesting friction. The campaign play is a little limited (comparable to the older D&D board games with a basic and "leveled" side on the players card.), but the use of customizable items and abilities enhances replayability.  

That said, I am concerned that the mix of poor miniature selection, and a lack of initial support is going to be the death-knell of this game.  There is a planned expansion that was announced a couple months ago, but no new products or scenarios since the initial release.  The game went from heavy rotation in July in my game room, to occupying the shelf after about 15 games with my younger collaborator/opponent.  


  1. Good looking collection! I like the way in which you paint the facial features.

    1. Thanks. I have been playing with several different techniques. Part of the fun of painting fantasy/scifi from time to time is the ability to experiment with paint schemes.

  2. They came out extremely well, Jake!

    1. Thanks. I think assembly required more work than painting for this bunch.


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