Monstrous Update

More figures for games like Rangers of Shadowdeep and Ghost Archipelago.   This "Gorloth" from Reaper bones looks like it would work well for something nasty from the (shadow)deep.

Next up a Reaper anthropomorphic African Elephant that I will use as an Eritherean for Ghost Archipeligo. 

Along the same line, I picked up some Wizkid's Velociraptors for jungle encounters.

Stating with the jungle motif I found this guy who can work as one of the "Snakemen"

For more temperate, and less fantastical encounters, I added a couple mountain lions.

Lastly I thought this miniature would just be fun to paint.  It was less than $5, so not much risked. 

Not my usual fare, but I figured with my trying to get my son engaged during the lockdown, it might be nice to update the collection a little bit.  Next up, so new terrain pieces.


  1. Interesting pieces coming off your desk. I like the Zulu elephant a lot!

    1. He turned out rather better than expected. I have stopped even trying to maintain a cohesive theme at the painting table. It is literally at the point of " I guess I will try that one now."

  2. LOL! re the lack of theme; with no planned game to drive painting, understandable. The last is a "beholder", if In recall from my D&D days...


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