I finally SAW another project through...

Hobby-wise the last six weeks have been all about painting lots of odds and ends from the back shelf.  While I have not been very good about updating the blog, I have been able to move quite a bit of my backlog into the finished pile.  Among these were my last 11 Spanish American War US infantry figures.  This project has been running off and on for about 20 years and it really shows when you look at the basing.  I started out with the rough riders using old Polly S acrylics on large steel washers, and I suppose it shows. 

This last update includes two standard bearers (I still need to order some appropriate flags for them), a bugler and two officers.  Finally I managed to finish off the last six riflemen.

They now join my large contingent of US infantry, which seems a good time for a review of the overall collection.   I have two platoons of US infantry ready:

A quick 

 A small contingent of mounted cavalry with three general officers to boot.  ( Wheeler, Roosevelt, and I think Leonard Wood) 

The artillery faction includes Parker's gatling gun detachment

As well as two mountain guns, two dynamite guns and a pair of Maxims from the 'fantasy' pack.

Overall, not too bad a force.  Of course there are no Spanish at this point, so it may take another 20 years.  


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed, now we just have to make it through the soft-pocalypse to see them to the table.

    2. True. If we do come down with the virus, we could game in the jungles of Cuba feeling the effects of a malady akin to yellow fever.

  2. Nice collection, Jake.
    I was going to say that I might just know someone who has Spanish...

    1. Indeed, but he also has a sizable US contingent of his own.

    2. No worries! The Spanish were ALWAYS severely outnumbered.


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