More Skraeling Archers

A second unit of Skraeling archers to join my tiny force of natives.  I did these with the usual mix of solid base coats followed by washes and highlights. One change was use a base spray of AP Barbarian Flesh as the primer for this this set.  I think it helped keep a fairly flat tone to the minis and makes the skin tones a little more even overall.

I did a fairly even mix of face paints, but decided to save the more elaborate stuff for the two units of spearmen I am currently finishing up.

No real gaming of late, but at least I am getting more time at the painting desk. A fairly diverse mix on the bench right now, so more of a mix than the Vikings that have dominated recently.  Cheers.


  1. With a base spray of flesh, did it take extra work to cover the areas that were not exposed skin? With so much skin and a spray base coat of flesh, you could crank out an army of these in now time. Right?

    I finally got in a kitchen table session of CCA last weekend. My first game since our Kunersdorf game in early/January.

    1. Congrats on enhanced mobility! The flesh spray didn't cause a lot of additional effort as the time required to coat the non-flesh parts with primer was less then the time it would have taken to paint all the flesh parts if I has started with a primer base. I think it also helped to keep the natural tones with the leather clothing as well.


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