Kushite Tribal Warriors

More units for the Kushite Army! 

I picked up a pack of Kushite warriors from the Warlord "Hail Caesar" line. They are a little underdressed for the Kushite controlled Egyptian army of the time, but I thought they would work well as some Tribal Auxilia/Allies for the army.  (I was inspired by an Osprey painting showing a Kushite in typical Egyptian attire negotiating with a Tribal chieftain.)

There were only eight figures in the pack, so I put them on a 60mm base in an open order formation.  I used an old tooth brush to speckle on the brown paint to give the shields a natural hide appearance.

Just the one unit of tribal infantry at this time.  I may add some more if the mood takes me.  For now, I am close to finishing all of the available Egyptians on the lead pile this month!


  1. Nice work! Very good to see the recent work on your Egyptians. Now, we only need to survive the current plague and gaming can resume.

    1. So long as the TP and Protein bars hold, I should be able to see this project through!

  2. They look awesome, inspired job!


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