Picking up more steam on the Viking project, with another unit of Hirdmen with spear and shields.  A fair chunk of my hobby time this month was dedicated to drilling out holes for Spears and shields.  The relatively small hands on these sculpts finally resulted in one failed attempt (back row), where the entire hand part of the sculpt failed.  I will need to do some epoxy work once I figure out where the spear popped off. 

The shields are all mounted on small pins drilled through the wrist on the models.  This is another careful process as it is relatively easy to go off cener and splinter off the entire hand.  Most of the hirdman models come with a raised stud to mount the shields on, but I found they lacked sufficient depth to provide a solid connection. 

This is the last of the hirdmen, but don't worry.  Plenty of Bondi to go....


  1. You really are picking up steam with your Vikings. They look fab!

    1. January has been a fairly good month for 28mm. I have another 4-5 units awaiting basing, and then maybe a transition to another project for a bit.


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