Plenty of leadership

A large parcel of Footsore's Viking Personalities for this update.  I cherry picked several of the more interesting sculpts from the 'Monthly Miniature' collection and just finished up the Vikings from the order:

Brodir, slayer of Brian Boru

Olaf the Bald 

Wait, this guy looks kind of familiar.... 

Kind of like Gripping Beast's Jarl Sigvaldi.

Erik "the Red"  No red beard on this one, but I am holding out for a different sculpt to represent the man himself.

 Arnvid Ale Sinker:  One of my favorite character names so far. 

Erik Oaksplitter

and of course Ragnar, who you've already seen

Finally, I painted the viking Warlord that comes with the standard bearer I did last month.  Not sure what it is with Footsore and the need to sculpt severed heads though...

All for now, a lot of huscarls on deck though.


  1. Great additions, Jake. The leaders need troops to lead... on to the Huscarls!

    1. Thanks, it has been fairly entertaining to try some different painting techniques with this project. For the rank and file I am going to try using a black undercoat with a light white spray from above to see how the shading effect works.


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