Back to the historicals! (briefly)  Here is my first set of Footsore Hirdman featuring Little Big Man shield transfers. 

This set of 8 turned out pretty well, with another 16 in various states of completion on the table.  I really like the quality of the Footsore figures.  My only complaint is the added work to mount the spears and shields.  The hands have to be drilled to accept the spears, but they are correctly proportioned.  This looks good, but makes drilling a tricky business as there is not much room to work with.

Most of the figures have little studs to mount the shields which still makes affixing them in a permanent way difficult.  Others are sculpted with no shield attachment point.  I settled on drilling every wrist to mount a small piece of copper wire.  This is rather time consuming, but allows me to pin the shields in place and a way to hold them in place for epoxy to set.  (otherwise it is a brittle affair with CyA)
Lastly, I ordered a restock from warbases and also picked up some of these 8 hole skirmish bases.  They seem to do the trick rather well, and should keep the clutter to a minimum on the table. 


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    1. I just want the manufacturer's to consider this when they release new sculpts

  2. They look excellent. Affixing (and re-affixing!) shields and spears/pikes is the bane of ancient and medieval wargaming! Got a refresher in that with my recent Macedonians! :-)

    1. Thanks. The additional benefits are the impromptu acupuncture sessions from your pikes.


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