It's not a Cult its a Culture....

I picked up a box of Northstar's plastic cultists to add some appropriate bad-guys to our Rangers of Shadowdeep games.  These are one of more user friendly set of plastics I have worked with, and they paint up quite nicely.

They also proved an excellent testbed for experimenting with contrast paints. Rather than using them as the base-coats, I decided to try them out as stains.  The figures were undercoated with a grey chalk paint and then block painted using Army Painter paints (Bondi Blue, Barbarian Flesh, Dungeon Grey, Gun Metal and Necromancer cloak)  I then gave the cloth and weapons a wash with watered down Basicalum Grey and the skin with Gulliman flesh. 

The bases are another experiment.  Rather than the usual gravel and flock, I tried using a two part epoxy to represent stone floors.  The texture was achieved using a rolled up piece of aluminum foil.

 The leader figures are from a Reaper Bones pack I picked up at a local hobby store.  I opted for the fiery red hair for the priestess to provide a flash of color in the otherwise drab group.

 The Northstar pack provides a nice mix of weapons so I opted to go with a small group of Crossbowmen to add some fire-support.  The skirmishers are a mix of hand weapons and spears.

The set comes with a lot of extra components, but sadly no shields appropriate to a spearmen.  Fortunately I have a healthy bits box comprised of weapons, shields and limbs from Fireforge, Wargames Factory, and all the other plastic manufacturers. 

This group will soon be shipping out to support a friends efforts, but another brace are on the table to allow us to play through The Temple of Madness for winter break. 

For those looking for my usual historical fare, don't worry. I have a lot of vikings awaiting basing.


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    1. Thanks. I like doing some odd figures from time to time to experiment with new techniques.

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    1. They aren't cultists they're occult enthusiasts.

    2. Weird, I just deleted my comment (used their instead of they're) and it took out Peter's comment about them "Being Up to no good" as well. Sorry Peter.


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