Dark Age Warrior

Yet another singleton Warrior.  This time Brynhildr, Shieldmaiden Champion from Bad Squiddo Games.  I picked this model up with the Onna Bugeisha set, so It seemed fitting to finish off the model this month as well.  I am slowly replacing all my plastic viking figures with metal ones, and she just adds to the efforts.  A very nicely sculpted mini overall, and easy to paint. 

Her paint scheme is a hybrid of my usual style and my first attempts using GW's new contrast line of paints.  I picked up a few bottles to try out and see if they could inspire Mason to finish his Runewars army. Overall, I like how quickly they can get good coverage.  I have also used them to do some quick Fantasy paint schemes for our Ghost Archipelago games.  I am planning on posting a collection of my efforts as well as how they can be used with historical minis for those interested in such things. 


  1. Great looking figure. Can't make my mind up whether to get a few of GW's newest master plan to empty the hobby coffers!

    Cheers, Ross

    1. I have been happy with them overall. The biggest plus for me is the ease of coverage with that first coat. The paint flows into the recesses and basically does the same job as a base coat and ink stain application in about 30% of the time normally required. I still use highlights and other coats to even out the stain effects.


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