Chechen Fighters

Here is the Chechen side of Tiny Terrain Model's latest Kickstarter.  For these models I wanted to go with an ecclectic mix of civilian clothes, Russian Camouflage and some uniform items from other sources.  I tried to keep it to the earth tones, but some of the blues and reds still turned out brighter than I would like.

There are thirteen figures here, I still have the three prone models and a command figure.  The prone figures will be up next.  The command guy will take a little longer as he was cast raising a sword in the air, and I want some a little more practical.  I don't have much in the way of modern assault rifles or pistols in 28mm to equip him with.  I am going to need to come up with something.

I tried to make the last four look a little more tactical as they appeared to be in uniforms.  I am sticking with the 'Cold War' theme and keeping everyone in winter conditions.

The basing for this project is a little different from normal.  I am using some of Vellajo's environmental effects in addition to the usual sand and rocks, I added some muddy grass and snow to give it a cold and wet feeling.  Might as well make conditions as miserable as possible I suppose.

Finally, the Chechen side received an AGS-17 as well.  I guess you cannot have to many automatic grenade launchers.


  1. Neat models and brushwork, Jake! Are you planning to use CoC for these skirmish games?

    1. Either CoC or Battleground WWII. The collection is small enough that BG gives the right feel without getting too bogged down as it does with larger games. I am looking for something with Scenario play with no more than a couple squads and 1-2 vehicles on a side. The time period lends itself well, as most of the AARs I have read from the time period a very small unit actions.


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