Wurtemberg Dragoons

With the pendulum swinging between Fantasy figures and the SYW project, I suppose these Austrian Dragoons deserve their due. This is the fourth Dragoon regiment to enter the collection and have the same overall coloration as the Prinz Savoyen dragoons I did last year.  In this case I went with white leggings to provide a little difference in color.  The standard is another PVA coated aluminum number which does seem to work just fine at this tiny scale. 

I just finished basing up the last stand of mounted Grenadiers, so they should be along shortly.


  1. Continuing your tremendous productivity.......I keep getting distracted ☹️

  2. Without too much Fantasy distraction, you should run out of Tricornes in another month or two at this rate! Looking good.

    1. I hope so. I really want to get them out onto the table and that are just a few units left.


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