St Ignon Dragoons

Dragoon Regiment number five (actually No 9 the Saint Ignon Dragoons) is finally complete for the Austrian Side of the conflict.  This leaves just the Modena Curassier which will be coming up quite shortly.
I am running out of pithy comments at this point.  I think I need to change projects next month to get out of this rut.


  1. Excellent red coated dragoons! No need for pithy comments. Simply keep on producing additions to your fine 10mm SYW project.

    1. Thanks. I have noticed that the interest level in the readers in petering out rather quickly on this project.

  2. They look great! No loss of interest here; I am just behind on all my blog reading due to to much work! :-) I think the speed with which you are bringing this project (or at least a very large phase 1) is awesome!


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