Runewars Undead Contingent

I have now at least painted my half of this little project. (Mason has knocked a few figures of the human side as well) 

Overall, I managed to cobble together two boxed sets worth of forces, one command group and some mounted cavalry.

Thus I managed to complete the balance of the "Revenents" (skeleton warriors)  This brings the total up to a health 36 figures.

I decided to break away from the usual for the Cavalry unit and go for ghostly riders and horses with iron equipment.  The armor and equipment is all done with AP Rough Iron.  The horse and rider were painted in a medium blue followed by successive layers of lighter highlights and blue ink.

Another archer unit to provide some fire support on the table of course...

Lastly for the second 'hero' figure I decided to do some modifications.  I am not a big fan of the antlers and weapon choice for the original.  I opted instead to replace the antlers with some horns from an old plastic model and an Ancient Greek hoplite's helmet crest.  For the weapon I substituted an old RP Great Axe from bits box, which required me to sculpt a new hand to support it.  I decided to add a plastic cloak and use the leftover green stuff to sculpt some fur trim.

Not my best work, but a good opportunity to break out the sculpting tools after a very long hiatus.  Not much to add to this collection for the time being as wait for my opponent to paint the rest of his force. 


  1. Is Mason intimidated by the rapidity of his opponent’s call to arms?

    1. No, just more interested in video games and things that don't involve hanging out with his dad.

  2. Very effective work, Jake.

    How old is Mason now?

    1. A challenging age, as I am sure we all recall. At the same time, that's about when I got into the hobby, and about the age where longer range planning and deeper analysis are... possible! :-)


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