Blue Christmas

Not quite as majestic as the Austrians is my growing Prussian Army.  However it is also nearing table readiness.  Currently there are:

  • 11 Musketeer Regiments
  • 4 Fusilier Regiments
  • 1 Grenadier Regiment (Grenadier Guards)
  • 3 Curassier Regiments
  • 3 Dragoon Regiments
  • 5 Hussar Regiments
  • 7 Artillery Batteries (1 Howitzer, 3 Heavy) 
  • 1 Army Commander
  • 6 Division Commanders (1st Line, 2nd Line, Left Wing, Right Wing, Right Wing Cavalry, Left Wing Cavalry) 

The majority of the units are from Old Glory Miniatures although there is a strong Pendraken contingent comprised of the original figures for this project. 

Center Infantry comprised of 8 regiments of 77 figures each.

 The Pendraken contingent of three Musketeers, 1 Grenadier and 2 Fusilier regiments.  Also the heavy cavalry division with three Curassier regiments (old Glory) and the lancers (Pendraken).

Overall army growth has taken a short recess as I focused on getting the Grenadier stands completed.  I was able to add another four stands (60 figures) to complete the outstanding regiments.   

Lastly, I managed to paint another three division commanders to nearly complete the command stands for this project. 

The left wing is pictured with three nearly complete units.  I have everything but the banners completed on two regiments of Old Glory Miniatures Fusiliers, and I need to finish the basing on the Oertzen Dragoons. 

So what is left?  Currently in the lead pile I have the following

  • 4 Regiments of Musketeers
  • 1 Regiment of Fusiliers
  • 2 Regiments of Curassiers
  • 1 Regiment of Dragoons
  • 1 Regiment of Hussars
  • 1 Battery of Heavy Guns
  • 1 Battery of Howitzers
  • 1 Lt. General (3 figs)
  • 2 Division Commanders (Reserve, Vanguard)
  • 4 Limbers

Not a bad dent in the pile for the first year's effort.  


  1. Not a bad effort, indeed. Bloody fabulous! You have managed to knock-out almost two complete armies for this project in a year and that does not count the 18mm SYW Russian army for another project.

  2. I'd call that spectacular production in anyone's book as well!
    "Don't step on my blue-coated dudes" for a different twist on the Elvis song!

  3. Not bad indeed, a very impressive army. Interesting how the old glory with their tighter basing give a different appearance. I now have a clear direction for my project but it is a long journey. Look8ng forward to seeing these forces fight 🙂

    1. A few more units to go but I have a plan to use them in the first quarter of the new year

  4. Great looking army - Fred the Great is a favorite of mine!

    1. Thanks. It is certainly an interesting time period. It is so nice for both sides to actually have a fighting chance.


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