3-D printed 28mm T-72

Something a little different.   My nephew printed out a 28mm T72 from some plans we found online. Overall the design was quite serviceable, with little excess material for trimming.  The scale fits fairly well with my existing BTR.
The overall shape seems more reminiscent of the Soviet only T-64B, but the IR searchlight is on the right.... so T72 it is.
I opted to manufacture a brass barrel rather than try for a printed addition. 

The detail is still fairly limited, especially the DShK MG, so I plan on adding some cammo nets and dunnage to make it look more lived in.  Below is the initial paint scheme.
I opted to primer the whole thing black and then follow up with some AP army green. Next up I hit it with a heavy green armor wash followed by some rust and brown washes. 

It looks fairly good at a distance, and should improve once I attack it with my weathering powers. 

This means that I now have 1 tank and one APC for each side in little Cold War project, so I should probably try and get it to the table.  I am hoping to add a BMP at some point, as well as a US anti-armor team.


  1. Very cool model! You have a cool nephew too! They're some folks in the local gaming community that are doing the 3D printing too. Quite impressive.

    1. I am starting to warm to 3d printing as the quality increases. And yes, my Nephew is fairly awesome, despite the handicap of having my brother for a dad...

  2. Haven't ventured anywhere near 3 D printing. I am hoping the comment about our brother is tongue in cheek.


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