Ikko Ikki part II

Following up on the rest of the my Updated Sohei force, here are the Ikko Ikki with hand weapons.  The Perry Catalog. Has four total packs of Ikko Ikki (2 w/ arquebus and 2 w/ hand weapons) and they give a nice eclectic mix of costume.  This set also included a set of improvised weapons including picks and hammers that I plan on using with some other models. 

 I tried to at lease add some patterns in for the unarmored folks to give them more of a 'militia' feel.
 The group is basically broken down into unarmored, partially armored and fully armored models.

Some of the armored folks would fit in well with any 'Regular' army.

All right, enough Samurai (for now)  back to the SYW!


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