Cold War memories - Korean War Memorial Tank Park

In addition to looking at relics from the Imjin War, I took several photos of the vehicles on display outside the Museum.  There is a large array of WWII and early Cold War equipment on display from both the UN forces of the Korean War and vehicles from the DPRK.  I took some snapshots to use as reference material in the future;

South Korean (ROK) Army Vehicles

The majority of the vehicles in the park are taken from the history of the ROK army.  These started as US surplus vehicles but then evolved into locally produced vehicles like the Abrams like K-1.  Most of the vehicles are painted up in the Korean standard camouflage scheme which is reminiscent of the US Army's Autumn MERDC  patterns from the 70's and Early 80's.  (Players of Team Yankee who insist on painting their M-1s in MERDC could easily use them as Korean K-1's for most scales) 

M47 Tank
Modern K-1 Tank
K-1 Side profile
Korean K-1 tank seen cross the back deck of the WWII vintage US armor
M107 (175mm) and M110 (203mm) SP howitzers
M107 175mm SP Howitzer
Towed 8in howitzer with Russian Katusha launcher behind.
SP 90mm Assault Gun

Collection of APCs (M577, armored car and M113)

Korean made K200 APC
K200 interior
90mm Anti-Aircraft Gun w/ Nike SAM in the background
Rear view of a SAM
ROK Marine LVTP-7 (Amphib) w/ motivational paint work.

Older LVTP-4 Amphib

Scale model of ROK Air Defense Vehicle
Scale model of ROK Bridge Layer

North Korean (DPRK) Army Vehicles

Type 63 Amphibious Tank 

Type 59 (Chinese Version of Soviet T-55)

SU-100 Self Propelled Gun


Side profile of the SU-100


T-34 Close-Up

WWII vintage T-34 inside the museum itself

Towed 120mm Mortar/  Hawk -SAM in the background

Katusha Rocket Launcher

152mm Howitzer

100mm AT gun and 57mm AA gun

Korean War Vintage US Armor

M36 Tank Destroyer
Sherman Turret


  1. Very cool images! I was stationed in Korea (Yongsan) from 1984-88 and again (Taegu) from 2002-2005. I failed to visit the museum the second tour. However, I did tour the DMZ (Panmunjeom) several times.

    1. I was in Taegu a couple of years ago. You can see the images from the Museum there in my earlier posts. I do know the city looks very little like it did from back in the 90's. It is a massive metropolis with dozens of 20+ story apartment complexes overlooking the camp I was in. I still want to get out to Gangwa Island, so I am hoping to get at least one more short trip over to Seoul at some point.

    2. Oh, I now recall also visiting a memorial at Inchon. They really honored MacArthur. least on the 80's.

    3. It is still very positive. The Korean War museum has a rather powerful display to honor the UN fallen. Basically a dark room with a giant tear drop made of dog tags. Every few seconds a droplet falls and 'coalesces' into an image of a fallen soldier's dog tag to show the name and origin. The halls leading up to the main entrance include marble pillars with the names of the ROK and allied soldiers who died in the war.

  2. That is a very cool collection of vehicles

    1. I thought so, it is always nice to get an up close view so you can appreciate the scale.

  3. Seeing the Soviet WWII armor up close would have been a thrill.

    1. It is always cool to see the equipment up close. It usually seems so much smaller than you expect.

  4. Very interesting tour and great pictures!


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