Imjin War Reference Materials - Hand Weapons

I spent a couple of weeks working in Thailand in February, not much of which is applicable to this blog.  However, I had a 12 hour layover in Seoul that provided me an opportunity to finally visit the War Memorial of Korea.  I missed this site during my previous visit to Korea and wanted a chance to finally see the multitude of artifacts on display from throughout Korean history.  While the primary focus of the Museum is on the 1950 Korean War and the military developments that followed, there is also a wing dedicated to the Military history of Korea in the preceding two millennia.

 I managed to get a large number of photographs of the displays to use as reference material for my on-going Imjin War project.  I decided to break these down my types and provide a reference source for others that may be attempting a similar task.  First up is a collection of weapons and field equipment to help show scale, color and ornamentation:

Missile Weapons

Matchlock and Hand Cannons

Muskets from Jinju Fortress
Infantry Quivers showing color and decoration

More Quivers and a small Crossbow

A collection of re-curve bows and a Cavalry Quiver

A larger Crossbow with cocking lever

Another re-curve bow
Horse Archer equipment
Projectiles and hand cannon components
Hand Weapons
Flail and Mace

A collection of Pole-Arms, note the branched spear. I think this is the type described in the Chinese "Mandarin Duck" formation

Other side of the pole-arms
Pole-arm Blades

Cavalry Flails

Officer's Sword


Dagger/ Short Sword

Color Prints displaying different types of equipment

Pole-Ax from an Earlier period.
A collection of Spears from Suwon Palace
More pole-arms from Jinju Fortress


  1. Perfect side trip for a long layover. The fine detailing on the quivers was a pleasant surprise.

    1. It was a nice visit. The quivers certainly look better than the solid Oak-brown that I have been using.


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