Imjin War Reference II - Uniforms

Continuing with yesterday's update, here are a collection of uniform displays from the time period. Looking over my museum photos I can see several of the inspirations for Perry's 28mm Korean line.  

There were also static displays for earlier periods

Just to bring them together the following are examples from Suwon fortress:

and here are some from Jinju

In addition to the uniform displays, there was a collection of shields featuring some very ornate imagery.

I think this was the inspiration for the Perry Spear/Shield armed heavy infantry

This one appears to be the model for the Perry Miniatures Guerrilla shield. 

Finally, I took some pictures of some of the Murals to help with Color palette and inspiration for banners


  1. Wow! This is a fantastic and colorful display! This post may get others interested in this colorful period. Great photos!

    1. Thanks. I originally started this blog because of the lack of references I found for painting 6mm figures. I found a similar lack of resources in my Imjin War project, so I hope to make life easier for the next guy.

    2. Your work is making it harder for the next guy to resist!

  2. Replies
    1. I concur. The Museum itself is fantastic. There is a full size mock-up of a Turtle Boat as well as some scale models of the other Korean warships on display. If you are interested in the more modern era, there is a massive collection of Cold War armored vehicles and aircraft on static display.


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