Russian infantry in summer uniforms. -The 1st line sees progress

For those bored of Zorndorf, I can only tell you we are about half-way there.  These two units are my first examples of the Blue Moon miniature's Russian Musketeers in Summer Uniform.  They definitely stand out with their all-red attire.  I think they also help to represent some of the unique aspects of the Russian Army of the time:

  • Soldiers were permitted to 'dress-down' rather than overheat in the summer sun.
  • Soldiers were made to lie down during the cannonade to reduce casualties.

I wonder if these contributed to the Russian showing during the battle.  The Russians were comfortable and focusing on force protection, while the Prussians conducted a forced march in full regalia, and thus arrived suffering from fatigue and heat exhaustion. 

Anyway, here are the first two regiments:

Chernigovskiy Infantry

Schlusselburg Musketeer Regiment:

Two more units to go, and then it is back to the 2nd line to finish the rest of Galytsin's musketeers.


  1. A steady stream of Russians does not bore me.
    Nice job!

    1. Well, I am back in the saddle, so there will be another swath to post by the end of March!

  2. Well done, this red is truly impressive!

  3. More great looking units. "Schlusselburg Regiment"; if ever a name sounded like an Imaginations outfit, that one does!

    1. I sometimes wonder how much of the names are lost in translation.


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