IR #7 Neipperg

I figured I would end the year strong with one last Regiment.  This is another Old Glory 10mm Austrian Infantry regiment painted up as IR #7 Neipperg with their blue facings. 

I am quite liking the look of the large regiments, although I would prefer to be able to add 2 flags to the command stands for better appearance given how they dominate the unit at this scale.  The temptation is still there to add a third rank, but I am still resisting.

For next year I plan to expand this collection significantly with an overall plan to get 20 regiments for each side plus a bevy of cavalry.  I plan to get some Dragoons on the table in January-February to see how 18 model regiments look for this scale.  Of course, there are a lot of 18mm Russians already in the process stream, so we will have to see where events take me. 


  1. Smart looking unit! Is 2018 to be the Year of SYW for you?

    1. At least the first half. I have a lot on the painting table right now

  2. Wonderful looking regiment, Jake!


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