Red Storm Rising 1757

Let's not call this a new project, but rather an addendum to the current project.  I normally like to collect both sides for a time period, but the recent forays into SYW gaming inspired me to work on an alternative force to take on Jon's 18mm Prussians.

As such, allow me to introduce the Butyrskiy Infantry regiment.  The first in a planned Corps of Russians for the 18mm SYW project.  I joined the "Old Glory Army" this year as I planned to purchase a healthy amount of their 10mm SYW and 28mm Ancients.  I opted to also get some 18mm Blue Moon figures to see if the Russian project would appeal to me.

Turns out the figures are fairly easy to paint and look good enough masse.

I based them on the same 120mm x 30mm Jon did for his regiments, but opted to drop a couple of figures as the firing position obscures too much detail if you pack the figures in too tight.  The flags were taken from the Kronoskaf site


  1. 7 YW in TWO scales (Or is that "sizes"... hrumpf! )
    You Guyz! :-)

    Seriously, they look great, and why should Fritz be limited to the same old Austrians to fight?

    1. Anyone who harasses me about the difference between scale and size is welcome to take there opinion from here to their and stick it where they're sun won't shine.

      I agree on the second point as well, it took less convincing than usual for Jon to get me to try these.

    2. Yes, I think the pedants making a big deal about the "size vs scale" seriously need to get a grip, LOL!

      The Russians can certainly start out as an allied contingent to the White Menance...

    3. I am angling at being able to fight a battle like Zorndorf by this time next year.

  2. Replies
    1. As with the 10mm project, I anticipate getting this done in infrequent yet frenetic bursts.

    2. "Infrequent and frenetic bursts" are all that are needed to build an army in a respectable time frame. Your frenetic bursts are, indeed, just that!

  3. Very nice looking Russians, Jake. I thought they were 28mm at first. It's great to have a collaborative project - especially with someone as talented as Jonathan.

  4. Lovely colors and splendid uniform, congrats!


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