More Korean hand gunners

I managed to finish the other half of my Korean hand-gunners for the Imjin War project.  As with the last bunch, these guys represent a rather unique group as they are a mix of captured Japanese teppo hand guns and locally manufactured hand cannons.  Rule wise, I suppose I will need to represent the lower reliability and accuracy.  Still they look great as a cohesive unit, and will fill the gap until I get all the archers complete. 


  1. These figures are terrific! Such brilliant red! The white really accents the red jacket well. This is going to be a very colorful army on the gaming table.

  2. Beautifully done, Jake. I have to admit, I shied away from these troops as well as the heavy infantry guys for my Imjin War project. I wanted to show the supposedly imbalance of more heavily-armored Japanese against the more "peasant" army of the Koreans. Now, you've made me think about adding some of these armored Koreans!

    1. Thanks. I had a similar motivation to do all of my Garrison infantry and Guerrilla's first.

  3. Excellent painting! This really should be a spectacular looking army.


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