Feeling Limberer

Just finished off the other half of the Limbers I have on-hand.  For the CSA, I opted to go with my usual mix of colors (Gray, Tan, Butternut), but tossed on some red shirts and pants to make them stand out.

This gives me 10 total stands per side, which should be more than enough to handle most scenarios.

I also took the opportunity to polish off the last of my "fleeing troops" to use as disorder markers.  These were also done up as CSA as I have more than enough Union ones complete already.  For Regimental Fire and Fury I use these stands to mark DISORDER and the casualty figures to mark the first hit to a stand.

Not as much 6mm as I wanted to complete this month, but I have have the last of the Renaissance project waiting on the minwax. I should be good on the monthly 6mm goal at least until June...


  1. I like them! One day I may work on disorder markers for my 10mmcollection. One day...

    1. I admit, I did them primarily because two GHQ casualty packs were included in one of my trades.

    2. I admire your tenacity in painting all of these limbers.

    3. I like my games to look nice, so everything I can do to eliminate counters seems like a plus. Additionally, I have spent enough time working with logistics to appreciate the need for the supporting structures involved with the fight.


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