Let us give thanks...for Garrison Archers to reinforce my Righteous Armies!

Taking advantage of the holiday to finish off this mass of Garrison Archers for the Imjin War project.  These guys actually paint up rather quickly, much like their halberd armed brothers as they have a relatively simple paint scheme.   They are meant to be 2 12-man archer units for Lion Rampant, but I am going to do some Sabot based to allow me to try rule sets like Impetus as well.

My color balance seems to be off this time, as thinks game out more yellow than intended.  I will have to adjust the light box for the next set of photos.  I am currently basing the last of the Garrison infantry, which will allow me to move on to the more involved armored infantry groups.  

I did, however, finally finish some officers and drummers for the infantry units as well.


  1. Great progress is being made on this project! I especially like the colorful commanders.

    1. Thanks. I like the commander's because they definitely stand out. It makes a very obvious counterpoint to the chaotic look of my Japanese force


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