Well its been 13 months, so why not add another unit of heavy cavalry to the Renaissance collection?  These are the last of the Wargames Foundry armored warhorse cavalry figs I have in the to do pile, and they have certainly taken their time.  I have been 'getting around to finishing' this unit for about four months now.  I wanted to go real colorful with this group to make them stand out on the table.  I didn't base them off of any historical knights, but may have been slightly inspired by Belgium, Italy and the Ukraine.

I figured this might be a nice change of pace for those fatigued by my barrage of fantasy knights of late.  Who knows, maybe I'll even do some 6mm figs this year...


  1. Renaissance is a wonderful period for a great painter...these gendarmes are fantastic, great job!

  2. Why not - these area great - love the look of gendarmes.

  3. Great job on some great figures!

    1. Yeah, foundry makes it easy to paint some good looking figs


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