More Perry Western Stradiots

Completed the other three riders from the Perry Miniatures Western Stradiot pack.  These guys are armed with spears as well as bows. 

Again, excellent sculpts and they seem to work well with the old WHFB Empire horses.  I chose to keep these based individually due to the horse minis.  I suppose they could also second as a mounted unit for Lion Rampant.

If I have any issue with these figs, its that you get four 'ready' poses and 2 action poses.  The leveled lance and firing archer look a little out of place with their relaxed compatriots.


  1. Well done, love the Stradiots...

  2. Since Stradiots are such core troop types, it sounds like the solution is to buy 3-4 boxes and assemble units with varying poses...

    1. Agreed. I am looking forward to picking up a couple boxes of Perry's new plastics to experiment with.


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