Lion Rampant Part II

I did manage to take a few pictures of our adventures in Father/Son gaming using Lion rampant.  First up we tried a fantasy game using some my 15mm figs.  Mason chose the forces, giving us Elves vs. Undead.

For the scenario I gave him 1 unit of mounted Men-at-arms, 3 units of mounted sergeants, 2 unit of foot sergeants and 5 units of Archers.

For me there is the slow and ponderous Skelton hordes with a smattering of Archers.

Special Rules:

  • Leaders are separate figures so they can move around during the game.  (His rule)  we both have two leaders.
  • If an undead General dies, his force dissolves around him.
  • Elf units have to pass a courage test to charge undead units.
  • Skeletons are Serfs w. Courage 3.  The do not break, rather they take an additional hit for every failed courage test.  (+1 for every point below '0' on the roll)
The General arrays his forces

My Skeleton horde advances

Things get blurry, but trust me this is ugly.  Elf cavalry attempts to crush me in a lightning rush.

My left flank is wiped out by massed bow fire, followed up by the crash of cavalry

The photo is very blurred, but you can just make out the complete absences of my units....

I managed more luck on the Right flank, breaking one unit and destroying another.  The result was a devastating volley of arrows and complete envelopment....

I lost..badly.  We had a great time, however, so all's well.  

In another game we tried using my newly painted Samurai forces.  With red vs black in a 'bloodbath' scenario

Red Forces
  • 4 Hatamoto (men-at-arms)
  • 8 Samurai (Sergeants)
  • 8 Ronin (Fierce Foot)
  • 8 Ashigaru w/Yari (Yeomen)
  • 8 Ashigaru w/Teppo (Crossbowmen)
I need to cut back on caffeine

Black Forces
  • 4 Hatamoto 
  • 8 Samurai
  • 8 Ashigaru w/ Yari
  • 8 Ashigaru w/ Yummi (veteran Archers)
  • 8 Ashigaru w/ Teppo
That's better
Special rules:

  • Instead of using units of 6/12.  These are units of 4/8.
We played this as straight up fight.  We treated the hedges as obstacles o units had to end their movement on one side and move over in their next activation.  Black forces started a headlong rush under a the cover of arrows and Teppo.  Fortunately the Uesegi generals activation rolls were tough to come by.  Unfortunately he made up for that with an ungodly number of 6's whenever he did fire.
Uesegi forces make a mad dash.
 His archers managed to take out at least a Samurai per volley, and twice broke my Samurai and drove them back.  His Teppo gutted my Ashigaru and knocked out a Hatamoto.  I managed a similar feet with my own Teppo, much to his consternation.  He damaged my Ashigaru in the center and followed up with a mad charge by his own Ashigaru, managing to wipe them out.

My Ronin avenge the Ashigaru while my Teppo crush the Uesegi Samurai!
 His Hatamoto charged my Ronin, who of course failed their counter-charge roll and were wiped out.  I followed up with my own Hatamoto only to face a challenge from his general:

Swiftly flashing steel
Cherry Blossoms gently drift
 my general falls
With the loss of my leader, his Hatamoto made short work of my remaining two body guards.  In the end it came down to his Archers and Hatamoto against my Samurai and Teppo.  Then my Samurai rolled a '2' and legged it.
Uesegi forces look on as the Takeda Samurai weigh their chances.
The Uesegi general calmly accepts his victory.


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