28mm Japanese Architecture

In addition to slowing my output this year, I am trying to find time to complete more terrain materials for my existing collection.  This weekend I managed to complete some PVC Japanese homes and and a Bridge from Plast Craft games.

I picked these up from Miniature Market where they had a good sale are their already significant mark down on these.  Each building/structure come pre-cut on a single 8.5x11" sheet of PVC plastic.  (Think foam core, but with 1/2 the thickness, and more durable)  I glued them together with Cya and accelerant and they look pretty good.
The cobble stone walls were also finished off this weekend.  The wood deck is done with an etching tool to look like real wood.

Now that the paint is dried, I need to do some touch-up on the connection points for the hand rails.

I also completed two of the Smaller village home models.  These come with an additional sheet of resin pieces that includes a door and some stones to attach to the roof.

I need to get some shots with better lighting to see the doors. 
For these I went with AP Skeleton bone for the homes, demon yellow for the roof pieces and leather brown for the timbers.  The wood components require some work with a carving tool to provide a woodgrain effect.  I gave all of the wood components a healthy touch of VJ Wood Grain wash to get the look right.  It is still a little brighter than I wanted, so I will need to find a way to bring the colors down a little bit more.


  1. Very nice additions - terrain that sets the time and place is a huge asset!


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