Even more Imperial Artillery

For some reason, I found myself with more Foundry Crewmen than cannons.  I took advantage of Wargames Factory's Christmas sale to also pick up one of the WSS Cannon sets.  The cannons work well for the period and assemble quickly.

The other two crewmen are here temporarily serving a standard gun   My plan is to scratch build a pair of  Handbuchse guns to serve as "Artillery C"

I haven't come up with a plan for the original WSS  gun crew from the kit, so I suppose they will go into the bits box, until something comes up.


  1. Those are great looking guns, Jake!

  2. Good looking guns. The guns picked up in the Italian Wars lot I bought recently included WSS (or maybe ECW) guns too.

    1. I don't think is that noticeable a difference. These guns look fine next to my Foundry demi-cannon


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