Reconquista Command Figures

Some more movement on the Reconquista Project as well.  This time a pair of command groups for both my Spanish/Crusader and Arab/Moor armies.  The Spanish command group is made up of some of the Black Tree Design Crusaders I received in my Secret Santa package this year.  I received a total of 12 armored knights, so I opted to do one command stand, and the other 9 are awaiting some reinforcements from BTD mail order to deploy.  

I did the trio with a mix of dark colors and Red and Yellow highlights to highlight their Spanish flavor, as I did not have any appropriate shields left over.

The Saracen command stand is made up of three figures from Eureka Miniatures Saladin pack.  I have been sitting on these guys for awhile, so it is nice to get the first bunch finished.  The miniatures are very nicely done.  The shield is a mediocre attempt at freehand on my part and will end up being replaced with some intricate decals in the future.  (At lease something more befitting of Saladin himself.)


  1. Lovely and very inspiring work!! Cheers!

  2. Great looking command. BTD makes the perfect figures for this period.

    1. They really are excellent when it comes to value, quality and ease of painting.

  3. Very nice command stands for each!


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