Tis the season for end of year retrospectives.  The grand total for the year: 6358 on the Analogue Hobbies scoring scale.  This is slightly lower than my best year in 2012, but a significant rise over the last two years.  Things have definitely slowed abruptly here in the hobby room this month. I was on course for a record year, and then the holidays came by. I did get a much needed restock of basing material, however, which means that the 200+ points of stuff I had ready to go in December should be complete this month.

With that my painting diary for the year....

2014 Painting Totals

1/6000 Japanese Battleships and Heavy Cruisers -20
1/6000 Japanese Lt Cruisers and Destroyers- 59
15mm Samurai -52
15mm War of 1812 American Infantry -36
25mm Scottish Pike - 15
28mm Bretonnian Archers -21
28mm Bretonnian Cavalry -3
28mm Buildings and Components -12
28mm Civilians - 17
28mm Empire Cavalry - 20
28mm Fantasy Orcs -24
28mm Fantasy Undead -39
28mm Landsneckt - 141
28mm Medieval Infantry -16
28mm Reconquista Spanish/Crusader Cavalry - 11
28mm Reconquista Spanish/Crusaders Foot -36
28mm Renaissance Artillery - 10
28mm Renaissance Cavalry -45
28mm Samurai Infantry -16
28mm Saracen Cavalry - 30
28mm Saracen/Fatimid - 43
28mm Spanish Pike - 31
28mm Tokens/Components - 36
28mm Vikings - 114
6mm Austrian Infantry -96
6mm Baden Artillery -10
6mm Baden Cavalry -18
6mm Baden Infantry -120
6mm Buildings/Components -92
6mm Crusader Cavalry - 51
6mm Duchy of Warsaw Artillery -20
6mm Duchy of Warsaw Cavalry -46
6mm Duchy of Warsaw Infantry -258
6mm Fantasy -17
6mm Fatamid Cavalry - 222
6mm French Artillery - 33
6mm French Cavalry -85
6mm French Infantry -203
6mm Hesse-Darmstadt Cavalry -9
6mm Hessian Artillery -5
6mm Italian Artillery - 17
6mm Italian Cavalry - 12
6mm Italian Infantry - 52
6mm Napoleonic Counters - 76
6mm Samurai -49
6mm Samurai Cavalry -6
6mm Support and Baggage - 40
6mm Wurttemberg Cavalry - 27
6mm Wurttemberg Infantry -128
6mm hessian Infantry -44

How does this compare to my goals from last January?

Completed Goals:

6mm French Imperial Guard 

I finally completed these guys after a 2-3 year slow role.  

 6mm Italian Guard and Infantry Corps 

6mm Austrian Landwehr 

6mm Fatamid Egyptians 

28mm Abayyid/Saracen Cavalry

For these I completed my cavalry goal, and then started painting more infantry, so I guess it rates as completed then expanded to incompletion?

28mm Crusader Cavalry  -I opted to expand my Impetus Reconquista project to include the Knights of Calatrava.

28mm Lansknecht 

This collection saw the completion of all of my infantry and cavalry goals.  I still have several guns and Gendarmes to complete, but I met my goal of having enough to field both sides for some Impetus games.

15mm Ikko Ikki for Samurai Battles

Complete Display Cases - Got another one done, but now want to do a couple smaller ones for my skirmish pieces.  

On top of that I had several unexpected project completions.  The most surprising to myself was my sudden motivation to finish all of my 6mm Napoleonic German allies.  I managed to complete my Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt, and Wurttembergers in short order.  I even managed to get 80% of my Duchy of Warsaw goals completed.

Another big change was the expansion of my 'Skirmish' contingents including Danes, vikings, medieval men-at-arms and some orcs/skeletons for my holloween project.  This resulted in my end of year interest in 28mm Samurai giving me my first project for 2015!

What goals didn't happen this year:

15mm Buildings - No progress.
6mm Buildings - I finished a Japanese Castle and Middle Eastern palace complex....
15mm Fantasy -Barely looked at/touched.
1/6000 WWII Naval -Finished the Japanese ships (less carriers), good progress on the US Navy.

1/285 WWII -No progress.
1/285 Modern - No progress
15mm British War of 1812 -I actually painted a couple of units!  No progress on the Brits, however.

Rebase/Rehabilitate 28mm Warhammer Cavalry -All of my Empire stuff is done.  Some progress on the older Bretonnians.  
15mm ACW - Haven't touched in years, apparently the trend will continue.  
Doors for Cabinets - umm yeah.....

Overall, not a bad year painting wise.  Now to establish a few goals for myself for next year.


  1. Truly MASSIVE amount of figures painted in 2014. Don't know how you do it. Cabinetry looks outstanding.

    Great job all around!

    1. Thanks, hopefully you can come down later this month to experience them in person. I would love to get the Landsknechts onto the table.

  2. I would call that a bang up year, Jake!

    With completion of the Guard, Landwehr, and the Confederation of the Rhine troops, you're really poised to do some big time 1809 action. In addition to other rules, your 6mm troops would work great with a Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day sometime....

    1. 1st I want to get through Blunders on the Danube. Just need to finish those blasted Saxons!

  3. Tremendous output and of good quality - you should be proud.


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