2015 Hobby Goals

it is time once again to set my goals to electronic paper in the hopes of providing myself some much needed focus and motivation.  I met most of my goals for last year, and managed a sizable bite into the old lead pile.  (Not as sizable as it should have been as I keep acquiring new figures as I go....)  It is time then for some deep seated hobby introspection.

For this year, I am actually considering dialing back my painting objectives.  I am setting a goal of 4500 points rather than last years 6000.  I find that I am spending too much time focused on rank and file forces, and my painting is suffering for it.  That, and I tend to add eras as I finish one force without so much as a game.  The result has been the rapid growth of several different un-blooded forces that, for their size, are also incomplete.

I find that I am neglecting two vital areas in my painting:  Leaders/Command Stands and Suitable terrain.  For example of the 89 28mm Ayyubids I painted only 3 fitted out a command stand.  My Renaissance Germans include over 200 infantry and cavalry with only two commanders painted.  The reason for this, for me, is that I can make greater gains with the rank and file than devoting the extra time required to do  leaders correctly.

With this in mind I present my humble goals for 2015:

1.  Paint commanders!  This will include
6mm Division and Corps Commanders for my 1809 French and Austrian Collections. (about 20 stands all told)
28mm Arab and Crusader (at least three stands each to present main line and flank command echelons)
28mm Renaissance (Figures for Charles, Francis, and at least two wing commanders for each side)

2.  Finish existing forces (main bodies)
6mm Duchy of Warsaw mixed Corps
6mm Saxons Corps
1/6000 Scale IJN Aircraft Carriers
1/6000 USN Midway Fleet
28mm Renaissance Cavalry (4 Stands of Heavy Cavalry, 4 stands of Lights)
28mm Renaissance Artillery (4 more guns plus crew)
28mm Arab Infantry  (Spearmen and Crossbowmen)
28mm Samurai Skirmish (Enough for 2x6pt Saga Forces)

3.  Terrain
6mm European Buildings
6mm Hexes for Command and Colors Ancients - Desert
6mm Hexes for C&C Ancients - Green World
6mm Forrest Pieces
6mm Japanese Town hexes for Samurai Battles
6mm Casualty and Disorder  Markers for Napoleonics, Samurai Battles and Ancients

28mm Viking Buildings
28mm Japanese Village
28mm River tiles for the game board
28mm Casualty and Disorder Markers for Renaissance and Crusader forces.

4.  New Areas
I am thinking of doing some French and Indian War Skirmishers at some point.

That should be enough to whet my appetite for self improvement for a bit....


  1. Sounds like a solid plan, Jake. While I like having a variety of eras to work in, I usually focus on finishing figures needed for my planned games.

    1. Having a game planned on the horizon is a great motivator!

    2. Thus the problem is getting those planned games to provide the motivation...

    3. We need to make more time during the non-winter months so that travel between our cities is less hazardous.

      We did not even manage to get in any cycling this summer either. Maybe in 2015?

  2. 4,500 points is still a large bite but not as daunting as the 6,500+ that you bit off, chewed, and swallowed in 2014.

    1. It feels more daunting to me knowing that I am tackling a lot of command stands. I need to up my game.

  3. As a player just starting a foray into 6mm ECW (as opposed to my more modern and larger scaled gaming) I will be looking forward to more 6mm inspiration here tis year - I have recently been quietly perusing your 6mm to get ideas for basing and terrain, and its really helped. Thanks!


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