Mounted Crossbowmen

One of the things I like about plastics is that I don't mind playing with the leftover bits to see what I can come up with.  In this case, I had some miniatures from the Fireforge Teutonic Knights set left over after painting my order knights.  I used some of the crossbow arms from the Teutonic infantry set and some leftover heads from the Wargames Factory viking huscarls to create these guys.

I like the more wild look for these guys and figure they can fit in with my Crusaders as hired mercenaries in a pinch.

The other stand retains a more military appearance for use as house troops?

Not sure where I can use these guys, I just like the way they look, however.


  1. Superb conversions! Both units looks great and should enhance their respective forces very nicely - both in looks and firepower. I must say that blond guy looks striking.

  2. Great paint job and beautiful conversions...

  3. Use for conversions is without a doubt a strength of plastics, which you have admirably demonstrated here. Great work!


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