Mounted Arquebusiers on the...storm? Part II

I still think "Reiter's on the Storm" sounds better, but this is technically more correct.  Here are another three Redoubt mounted Handgunners to add to my small Impetus force.  As with the last bunch, I neglected to order horses, so they are mounted on some ECW mounts I had in a box.

They are adequate for the job, but I still am not happy with the Redoubt sculpts.  They are a little too 'flat' for my tastes.  Speaking of which.....

An appeal for Plastic Landsknecht

So Progloria is doing an 'indiegogo' campaign for plastic Landsknecht, and it appears to have stalled.  It's unfortunate as they are very nicely done, and are not too bad cost-wise.  (Also the 28mm Maximilian I mini is nice.)   Usually stuff like this explodes on these fundraising campaigns, but either through poor advertising or some questionable incentives (T-shirts?  Really?) this one does not appear to be going anywhere.

So, that said, if your interested in getting these things, take a look.  I am in for three boxes worth and the Emperor and would really like to see them get made.


  1. Nice mounted Arquebusiers. I can;t think of many good plays on words for Arquebusiers either!

    I think the chief issue for the Pro Gloria plastics is that Renaissance gaming is a niche period. As those of us who have come to love it know, that';s a shame because the color and tactical variations are wonderful, and the politics are, well... Machiaveliamn!

    Perhaps in part because for once the English were not heavily involved until the end of the era (The Armada), it is an era of conflict all but unknown, even to most English speaking wargamers. How many, even in our hobby would recognize even a single one one of the generals of this era. How many would even know where my "handle" comes from?

    I also think their campaign is poorly designed - the more money you put in, the less figures per $ you get, and instead the more worthless junk you get (T shirts. Dice bags? Dice? posters? Beer mugs? Phooey! How about some Stradiots, Jinetes, Gendarmes, or... Arquebusiers! (to close the loop) :-)

  2. I agree completely, I was anticipating good things from this project, and when they posted was underwhelmed by the perks. I like the figures, but am hard pressed to find anyone eagerly hoping for that one Landsknecht poster to complete the den... How about Charles V or Francis minis?


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