Uesegi Ashigaru

Is this Samurai in a third scale?  Yes, yes it is.  Following some of our Halloween battles, my son indicated an interest in Samurai skirmish.  I decided to get my toes wet by ordering a couple of Wargames Factory Samurai kits to try out.  I opted for the Foot Samurai box and the Ashigaru with spear.  These are Late Sengoku period models with some solid breast plates and scale style armor for both Samurai and Ashigaru.

For the first unit, I decided to do a group of 8 Ashigaru spear (led by a warrior with Naginata from the Samurai sprue.)

My intent is to paint up the equivalent of 2 six point Saga style groups.  For factions, I chose my two favorites: Uesegi and Takeda.  (Ever since seeing Heaven and Earth in the 80's I have been fascinated by the feud between Kenshin and Shingen)  This first unit represents some Uesegi "household " troops with blue Sashimono and rising suns on both Sashimono and Helmet.  

I plan on doing all of the Ashigaru to appear somewhat uniform to provide a counterpoint to the more individual appearances of the Samurai proper.


  1. Nice figures, even if the use of multiple scales for a single is perhaps a sign of a need for some serious therapy, LOL!

  2. single *period* - a sign of need for serious proofreading! :-)

  3. Don't know how I missed these before. Awesome work on these fine figures.


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